A Non-franchise System

We’re not a franchise. Unlike traditional print franchises, we have no interest in controlling your business. We believe through our partnership, we can extract all the benefits of a franchise system, but without the costs or restrictions to your business.

For Local Print Shops

We made this distributor program with brick and mortar print shops in mind. For too long we each only had half of the pie. Print shops thrive in their local communities, but have a limited customer reach. Online print companies, like Legit Print, have wide customer reach but very limited local impact.

By becoming a Legit Print distributor, we can finally bridge that gap and finally share in the success.

For Agencies

Agencies are our #1 clients at Legit Print. Whether they’re printing materials for their own brand, or they’re printing for one of their clients, we always deliver a memorable product. One day it was made clear to us that some agencies were reselling our products and making a small margin, or some were only making money on the design work and not the printing.

Becoming a Legit Print distributor will allow agencies to create an additional revenue channel. If you’re doing any type of design, you should be offering printing. Our program gives you the tools you need to bring in some extra cash.

For Entrepreneurs

Our distributor program is an entrepreneur’s dream business-in-a-box. We provide everything you need to start a printing business. We give you an online store, management software, wholesale pricing, and take care of printing and fulfillment.