Print shops have always been a staple in every local business community. In today’s world, it’s becoming more difficult to stay competitive and profitable due to high expenses like overhead, equipment, payroll, and online competition.

Well, we’re here to tell you there’s an affordable and easy solution to give you the best of both worlds. You can reap the benefits of being routed in your local community while expanding your reach online, saving money, increasing your margins.

In any business, there’s always going to be the operational side and the growth side. On the operational side we have the activities we need to do to fulfill a job and get paid. On the growth side, we have activities like marketing, sales, and advertising to generate more business and increase sales. You might have a basic informational website for your print shop. If you do, that’s already better than most in our industry! Maybe you even have a Yelp page or Google Business Listing. That would be super impressive! But it’s simply not enough to have an online pressence if there is no call to action.

Local Print Shop Operational Costs

Ask yourself – What does your operation look like now? How are things done daily?

If you’re like most print shop operations, you have at least 4 people in the store daily. Someone to run the press, a creative designer, a pre-press person, and customer service (someone to run the front of the house). Orders likely come in via phone and email, and walk-in customers on occassion. You may even have some type of internal system where you can input the order details, create a job ticket, and charge your customer. Once the job is created, it goes through preflighting and the whole pre-press process. Then the press operator is ready to begin production; he pulls the stock sheets and other materials, he calibrates the press, and he finishes printing the job. Then comes finishing; maybe it gets a UV treatment through the UV coater, maybe it’s a folded piece, or maybe it needs binding. The job gets cut, packed, and put on a shelf ready for your customer or a shipping carrier to pick up. Does that sound about right?

Now think about that entire process and see if you can try to attribute cost at every stage. (1) Customer service – How much do you pay this employee per hour? How long did they spend interacting with that customer in-store, email, phone? (2) Design – How much do you pay your designer? How long did they spend on the artwork for that job? How about the back and forth with the customer for proofing? (3) Creating the order – Do you pay for the software you use internally, and is it effective? (4) Printing the job – How many machines are used to produce the job? How much does each of those machines cost? What was the material (paper, ink, etc) cost of the job? How much do you pay the press operator? How much time did the job take to produce? (5) Packing and shipping – How much do you spend on boxes and shipping?

If you’ve done that exercise and thought about all the costs through the entire process, it’s a bit scary to think about. We didn’t even get to utility expesnes or monthly rental expense for your store.

How Helps Local Print Shops Grow can help you cut costs, increase your profit margins, and increase your sales. This is how we do it. is owned by well-known online print brand Legit Print. For 10 years at Legit Print, we made a name for ourselves online while building a customer base that spans nationwide. A big part of our success was due to software that we’ve developed and use internally. The software platform has functional features that virtually took away the need for multiple employees. Because of this Legit Print is able to operate very leanly. As a brand, Legit Print offers basic low-margin products to very high 100% – 300% margin products. For basic low-margin products, we focus on quality and fast turnaround. For the high-margin products we focus on detailed and unique options. We sell at retail prices, but will be offering our clients wholesale pricing on all of our products. With state of the art offset and digital press equipment, we can essentially print any job. With production facilities located throughout the country, we’re able to serve our customers well.

Now that you know where comes from, here’s how it can help your local print shop.¬†Remember that long expensive process we talked about up there ^? Well, here’s how will simplify it.

(1) Customer submits an order through your storefront online. Or maybe they walk into your shop and you can input the order into the software yourself. You get paid. (2) Order is processed and job ticket is created in the software. You select “Send to Print”. The job gets patched onto our side for fulfillment.

Relax, we got it from here.

(3) We print the job, pack it or ship it directly to your customer. That’s it!

You can virtually outsource all of your production to us! This means you could sell your equipment, reduce your payroll, reduce your overall monthly costs. Think about the cost savings. With that money, you could reinvest into growth activities.

This is how can help local print shops grow and thrive in what would otherwise be a tough time for the printing industry. So if you’re ready to convert your local print shop to a shop, get in touch with us and we can get you up and running!




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